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Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar

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Smart and sustainable mobility

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar successfully collaborates with many partners in many ways to ensure our region remains accessible, dynamic, and liveable. But we can only truly make sure mobility is smart if everyone in the region gets moving, too. Together with employers, business owners, governments, and mobility service providers, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar helps commuters and transporters to get smarter with mobility. Fitter, healthier employees help to improve the vitality of the entire region. Be inspired by our current partners and what they're doing. 

When are you going to make the move?


Smart mobility goes hand in hand with sustainable business and good employment practices. We put together a range of measures that are specific and tailored to the company, and we help to implement them. 


The programme office is eager to provide its input on how to achieve efficiency gains and make transport, storage, and distribution eco-friendlier. This also means we're taking concrete steps toward our ambition of creating a zero-emissions city centre. 

Do you travel often?

Do you live in South Limburg or visit often? And would you like to know more about efficient and more sustainable ways of travelling? Then take a look at ‘Also see’ at the top of the page for more websites. You can also discover the e-bike, public transport, or more efficient car use at:

Get started: 

By adopting an approach that suits them, many commuters have already made the move towards smart and sustainable mobility. Here are a few of our products:

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