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Program management

Louis Prompers
Program director
Agnes van Zaanen
Program secretary

Mobility brokers

Rob Schaap
Mobility broker
Bernice Reijnders
Mobility broker
Pascale Plusquin
Mobility broker

Team logistics

Mark Luikens
Project leader logistics
Lola Simons
Project support for Logistics and MEA
Miranda Volker
Logistiek Makelaar

Project leaders and employees

Casper Stelling
Monitoring and evaluation advisor
Maartje Van der Aa
Monitoring and evaluation advisor
Dennis van Soest
Monitoring and evaluation advisor
Ferry Wahls
Project leader ITS / Traffic consultant
Esther Saris
Advisor traveller approach
Johanneke Koelstra
Project leader Public transport (OV) promotion
Sebastiaan Dommeck
Project leader MaaS and shared mobility
Eline Rademaker
Project support for Sustainable Driving Measures and shared mobility
Ron Bissels
Project leader
Marc Houben
Edwin Claessens
Project leader bicycle promotion
Louise Lohmeier
Project support for Bicycle
Jelle Ummels
Project leader Area-based approach & City centre
Rembout van Gemert
Project leader Coordination and Traffic flow
Jaap Rieter
MEA Senior Advisor
Lola Simons
Project support for Logistics and MEA
Jürgen Geraets
Adviser automatising
Conny Swinnen
Financial advisor


Désirée Florie
Project leader communication
Gerrit-Jan Meulenbeld
Senior Communication advisor
Laura Gorissen
Communication advisor
Yvette Kuiper
Communication advisor
Margriet Satijn
Communication advisor
Nicole Vijgen
Web editor / Editor social media
Cindy Waagmeester
Junior Communication advisor

Programme support

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