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26 August 2020

Gerry Jacobs, a Municipal executive of Eijsden-Margraten, on ‘Ontdek de e-bike’

"The e-bike is a great alternative and suited to the new normal"

In early August, we took our e-bikes, high-speed e-bikes, and e-cargo bike to Margraten. Gerry Jacobs, a Municipal executive of Eijsden-Margraten, and his partner tested a Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar e-bike for free for a two-week period. ‘An e-bike allows us to explore the great outdoors here in the Limburg Hill Country. Cycling is part of the new normal we have been in since the start of the coronavirus crisis. An e-bike is a great alternative that allows us to travel while socially distancing.’

Safely exploring the great outdoors

‘The cities are bustling. The Limburg Hill Country is the perfect place to safely explore the great outdoors and to avoid crowds. Bicycles are a great way of getting where you need to be. But to encourage people to cycle more, we have to make sure our cities have the right infrastructure. For instance, we recently refurbished Diepstraat in Eijsden and added parking spaces and charging points for bicycles. The street is now filled with bicycles instead of parked cars. This is good news, but because of the pandemic, we still have to follow up on this and enforce the rules. Indicating the direction of travel can improve the circulation of cyclists, for example.’ 

Encouraging more cycling

‘Cycling on an electric bicycle was a revelation for me,’ explains Jacobs. ‘Currently, I drive everywhere – even to go to work. If I like the e-bike, I will buy one and use it to cycle to work. I think it's great that we can introduce people in Eijsden-Margraten to e-bikes. It is important for people to choose their bicycles over their cars more often. Electric bicycles are also a great way to ensure that elderly people can continue to cycle.