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10 August 2016

Nol Beckers talks about smart distribution.

"Binnenstadservice Maastricht provides us enormous time savings, for just a few euros a month"

Nol Beckers, owner of Maaslands antiques and picture frame store in Maastricht, talks about his experiences of smart distribution.

"Everything that we purchase from suppliers is delivered via Binnenstadservice Maastricht. Materials and products from five different wholesalers and factories are bundled together and brought to us, various packages, cardboard, wood and goods from overseas. We only use a special carrier for our glass deliveries.

We started using Binnenstadservice about 7-8 years ago during a pilot conducted by Maastricht Council. The streets were sometimes completely blocked by supplier traffic. The vans were often only a quarter full of goods. I often saw up to three DHL vans at a time, delivering items on the same street. I thought: This isn’t right! I didn’t want a part of it. We were one of the first Binnenstadservice Maastricht clients, and we still use it. It suited us right from the start.

This service has many advantages for me. Binnenstadservice Maastricht operates a fixed route and delivers on set days and times, so we know when to expect a delivery and carry on working until then, no disruptions. What I most appreciate – aside from the environmental benefits and the reduction of interruptions – is that they take refuse back with them, such as cardboard, plastic and glass. They also take any parcels for delivery and ensure they reach their destination. They also arrange for storage of items, and you can request specific articles to be included in your weekly delivery.

I’d like to give other business owners a tip: you will notice that this service will free up much of your time currently involved in goods delivery and distribution. Binnenstadservice takes over the handling of such things and completes it at a fixed moment in the day. It saves so much grunt work and you can get on with your day uninterrupted – don’t need to worry about handling the refuse. You can make such a better and more profitable use of your time, and all this for just a few euros per month. As well as the fact that, the more businesses in your street that sign up, the better. You’ll see a faster the flow of goods distribution, and a faster flow of traffic. I would recommend to every business, big or small, to contact Maastricht Bereikbaar and join a pilot.”