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16 January 2018

Peter van Helvert about the e-cargo bike

"I really love people's reactions!"

Peter van Helvert from PP Events shares his experience with the electric cargo bike.

‘I entered my company, Pipo Pé events, to participate in the Maastricht Bereikbaar trial, which may reimburse my costs of purchasing an electric cargo bike. I saw an article in a newspaper and on social media, so I thought: why not? I live in Daalhof and have been taking the e-cargo bike for all journeys within cycling distance, such as delivering balloons to order or performing as a clown at children’s parties. I also use it to get to my job at Maastro Clinic two or three times a week. 

The cargo bike is easy and is not too wide for the cycling path. I enjoy travelling by bike. I also have a cover for the cargo box to keep my things dry and protected, which is very practical. Previously, I always used my delivery van. I leave it at home more often these days, but cannot get rid of it yet as I still have many journeys that are too far for the e-cargo bike. Journeys to the city centre are also much faster by e-cargo bike. 

When the weather is good, I perform as a clown in the city centre of Maastricht or on Vrijthof square. The e-cargo bike makes it very easy to do. I arrive on my bike and can get started straight away. I don’t need to look for a parking space and carry things around. This makes the city much more accessible to me. Of course, it also has a rather nice look to it, a clown on an electric cargo bike, and I have already received many compliments. When I cycle through the city, I see a lot of great reactions. The customers are also very excited about it, so it has turned out to be a great promotional tool.’