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1 May 2019

Remco Brouwer on the e-cargo bike

"With the e-cargo bike, we can be smarter with our supplies"

Remco Brouwer is the owner of the Fitz Roy Hotel, Grand Café Au Mouton Blanc, and the Theatre Hotel and is trying out Maastricht Bereikbaar's e-cargo bike for two weeks. ‘For us, the electric cargo bike is perfect for supplying our two hotels and grand café in the heart of the city centre. With the e-cargo bike, we can be smarter with our supplies.’

‘We had stock all over the place, but now we can deliver the required supplies with the cargo bicycle, which is faster and less intensive than walking. It saves us a lot of time and is a great way to get my staff to start thinking about sustainability. It lets them see that we can organize our transport in a sustainable way.’

Easy to use

‘Five of our staff have tried the bicycle. I've also given it a try and found it easy to use. The bicycle is big but easy to manoeuvre. Once you're used to it, it's a great way to get around. The only difficult thing is parking the bicycle at our locations in the city centre, as we don't have a closed or covered place where we can safely park it at night.’ 

Take the opportunity

‘I heard about Maastricht Bereikbaar's trial campaign for e-cargo bikes during a brainstorming session on sustainability with a network of hotel, restaurant, and café operators in the city centre. I immediately knew that I had to take this opportunity, as I understand the importance of a sustainable business. For example, I want to place two electric charging stations in our own car park behind one of our hotels. I'm also thinking about purchasing an electric commercial vehicle that, in combination with an electric cargo bike, completes our vision for sustainable transport for our business.’