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17 June 2019

Restaurant owner Annaline Doelen about sustainable business practices

"The best flavour with the least CO2"

From 25 May to 16 June, the temporary Wijnrestaurant Op Het Land (Wrohl) was opened in the rolling landscape on the border between Belgium and Maastricht. Every day the 300 dinner chairs were filled with enthusiastic visitors. One hundred parking spaces were created to allow everyone to enjoy Limburg wines and local products, but fortunately these were not necessary. Restaurant owner and vinologist Annaline Doelen encouraged her guests to come by bicycle, in keeping with the tranquillity of the landscape. 

The best wine from the region

‘Why do we serve wines from across the world if we produce the most wonderful wines right here?’, wondered Annaline when she discovered the wineries of the southern Netherlands. The grapes needed to produce good wines are often grown at beautiful locations all across the world, and in Limburg this is no different. Maybe that's why Annaline is so protective of the region. She did everything in her power to keep CO2 emissions low in her temporary establishment: there was enough space for bicycles, furniture made of recycled scaffolding wood, and extra-large waste containers that were emptied only once a week. In addition, her staff travelled to work by bicycle and the menu was obviously filled with local products.  

Delicious and sustainable

‘Choosing to work with local suppliers is logical,’ says Annaline. ‘Alongside excellent winemakers in the region, we're well located to source the best asparagus, mushrooms, hams, and cheeses. I can promote sustainability here by introducing people to local products and encouraging them to choose these products more often.’ The restaurant was situated in a beautiful location. The parking spaces were hidden behind the trees while the bicycle parking facility was put out in plain sight. Annaline didn't have to do much to convince people to come to the restaurant by bicycle. ‘The landscape almost demands that you travel only by bicycle!’

Taste for yourself!

If you missed Wijnrestaurant Op Het Land, but would love to try Limburg wines, you can taste them at Mes Amis restaurant owned by Annaline and her son Patriek or take a look at www.wijnrestaurantophetland.nl.

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