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18 July 2017

Tanja Telders on the Smart Map

"It's so easy! I recommend it to everyone!"

Tanja Telders from Le Marais talks about the Smart Map.

‘I regularly look on Maastricht Bereikbaar's website so that I can keep my clients up to date on the routes in and out of the city and region. I was creating a new website for Le Marais when I came across the tool you can use to integrate Maastricht Bereikbaar's Smart Map onto your own website. I thought it was a great idea, so I asked my website developer to integrate the Smart Map onto our new website – and the responses have only been positive! Our customers were extremely pleased with the website and gave great feedback about information on works, traffic, and transport.

It's so simple to integrate the Map onto your site. I've already told several retailers and café and restaurant owners about this option, because what you're doing is offering your customers an extra service. You want to attract people to the city – and people do still want to come, despite the road works. I think it's up to shop owners to provide customers with information. I am very enthusiastic about the Smart Map and encourage everyone to use it. It's so simple to integrate onto your website, so it's a missed opportunity if you don't! I recommend it to everyone!’