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14 November 2017

Tim Gielen and Max van Geffen on their e-cargo bike

"The e-cargo bike allows us to be even more efficient and flexible"

Tim Gielen and Max van Geffen, both from Jules, share their experiences of using an e-cargo bike.

Tim Gielen starts off, ‘We've been using an e-cargo bike at Jules since September. We'd been looking for an alternative to our car for some time, until our contacts at Maastricht Bereikbaar told us about the e-bike campaign. As a business owner, we would be reimbursed for some of the costs of purchasing an e-cargo bike. It was just perfect for our needs. The e-cargo bike is mainly used by our team of technical maintenance engineers, although we and our promotional team also use the bike to go to other appointments in Maastricht. We've really enjoyed using the e-cargo bike, especially because it allows us to be even more efficient and flexible.’

Max van Geffen continues, ‘The e-cargo bike means we can easily transport all the materials we need to carry out repairs to buildings or to check in students at their rooms in the city centre. You can only transport specific materials with a “normal” bicycle. Now we can resolve any other issues right away, because we've got the tools with us. Until September, we used to travel mostly by car. It was always such a hassle, as some of our student employees don't have a driver's licence. Parking is also a problem, especially in the city centre. And anyway, we know that driving is bad for the environment. Anyone, including younger employees who don't have a driver's licence, can use the e-cargo bike. Alongside being a healthy way of getting around Maastricht, the e-cargo bike means we don't have any problems with bollards or one-way streets. Simply put, we'd always pick our bike over our van.’