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22 May 2018

Yves Defesche on the e-cargo bike

"So easy to get around in the city centre!"

Yves Defesche, manager of wholesaler Becker-Royen & Zn, talks about his experiences with the e-cargo bike.

‘We made use of the Maastricht Bereikbaar electric cargo bike for two weeks. Both we and our customers have been very positive about it. We used it every afternoon, mainly for deliveries of repeat orders of products. It meant one less van on the road. Cycling was very easy – it really works perfectly. Our delivery staff can now cycle through the city, quickly and easily, including via the Wilhelmina Bridge and Kesselskade. It's great... as long as it doesn't rain. It's less fun in the rain. 

You can also easily transport frozen goods using the e-cargo bike. We use special cooling elements for that. I have already taken a quick look online and there are even e-cargo bikes with built-in freezers. That would be ideal for us. We would be interested in using an electric cargo bike more often in the future. Unfortunately, we only recently heard about the Maastricht Bereikbaar campaign in the autumn of 2017, during which the purchase costs of an e-cargo bike could have been reimbursed. That’s a pity, because we would certainly have liked to take advantage of that.