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Band Op Spanning Brightlands News
21 January 2019
‘Band op Spanning’ (Correct Tyre Pressure) campaigns in 2019

Keeping your car tyres at the correct tyre pressure ensures safer, cheaper, and more sustainable driving, because your tyres last longer and you us...

Luchtfoto Stationsomgeving Maastricht Januari 2019 News
4 February 2019
Ongoing development of the station area in Maastricht

Over the past year, the station area in Wyck has been given a new look. Bicycles were parked underground bicycle-parking facilities instead of abov...

MECC Vooraanzicht P+R Zuid News
8 March 2019
Closure of P+R Maastricht Zuid on 29 March 2019

The Municipality of Maastricht, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, Arriva, and MECC Maastricht have decided to close down P+R Maastricht Zuid as of 29 March ...

Samenwerken Maastricht Energiebesparing News
27 May 2019
Businesses in Maastricht join forces to save energy

On Monday afternoon 27 May, Gert-Jan Krabbendam, Chairman of the Sustainability Executive Committee of the Municipality of Maastricht, met with the...

Rieu Maastricht 2012 15 News
1 July - 31 December 2019
Night buses to P+R Maastricht Noord after Rieu concerts

If you are driving to Maastricht for or during an André Rieu concert, you can park free of charge on the outskirts of the city at P+R Maastricht No...

Uitgifte E Bike Valkenburg News
26 August 2019
New e-bikes and website for ‘Ontdek de e-bike’ (Discover the e-bike)

Maastricht Bereikbaar's test e-bikes have been replaced with an entirely new fleet consisting of 41 e-bikes. The ontdekdeebike.nl website has also ...

Aronnijsfotogr Mb Zomercampagne29mei 009 News
27 August 2019
Zuid-Limburgse MobiliteitsArena: seeing and experiencing mobility

On Friday 20 September, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is organizing the Zuid-Limburgse MobiliteitsArena (South Limburg Mobility Arena) at the Shimano Exp...

Prijsuitreiking Ebt News
2 September 2019
Summer campaign ‘Elke beweging telt’ (‘Every move counts’) ends with 60 prize winners

Did you spot the ‘Every move counts’ promotional team in South Limburg? Everyone was able to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by cycling, using...

Aronnijsfotogr Mb Zomercampagne29mei 009 News
10 September 2019
Zuid-Limburgse MobiliteitsArena mobility event offers inspiration

Business owners and policymakers deal with mobility on a daily basis. They have to think about matters such as sustainability, the advantages and d...

Printscreen Nieuwe Online Omgeving News
23 September 2019
Nieuwsbrief Maastricht Bereikbaar in een nieuw jasje

De afgelopen maanden is er achter de schermen druk gewerkt aan een nieuwe online omgeving voor Maastricht Bereikbaar.

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