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Ondertekening Akte
13 February 2020
Les Tables committed to sustainable development of the Maastricht city centre

Les Tables is eager to implement concrete campaigns that help improve travel to and in the city centre, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and ...

Rosanne Ebike
15 January 2020
Special thanks for the employees of Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar’s associated employers

Each year, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar holds a survey on sustainable mobility among the employees of the approximately 30 employers who are associated ...

ELC Bijeenkomst Mark Luikens
5 November 2019
Platforms provide more efficient and 'greener' logistics

On 26 November, Mark Luikens, logistics project leader at Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, organized a meeting on logistics platforms together with the Eur...

Scherm Slimme Bandenpomp
5 November 2019
Use the smart tyre pump at P+R Maastricht Noord

On 20 September, we installed a smart tyre pump at P+R Maastricht Noord. This smart pump means that you can inflate your car tyres to the right pre...

Favicon Zuid Limburg
24 October 2019
Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar: on the road to smart and sustainable mobility

Since 2010, we have been working with the national government, the Province of Limburg, the Municipality of Maastricht, and many other partners to ...

Bijeenkomst CO2 Prestatieladder
24 October 2019
Reducing CO2 means more customers? The CO2 Performance Ladder can help

Maastricht Bereikbaar sets the bar high on reducing CO2 in regional traffic flows, for example by advising construction companies on more efficient...

Fietsparkeren Helmstraat
24 October 2019
Addressing nuisance caused by bicycles parked in front of Albert Heijn supermarket (AH) on Helmstraat

Until recently, cyclists could park their bicycles in the fixed bicycle racks in front of the AH on Helmstraat. This was often a challenge as the b...

Printscreen Nieuwe Online Omgeving
23 September 2019
Nieuwsbrief Maastricht Bereikbaar in een nieuw jasje

De afgelopen maanden is er achter de schermen druk gewerkt aan een nieuwe online omgeving voor Maastricht Bereikbaar.

Aronnijsfotogr Mb Zomercampagne29mei 009
10 September 2019
Zuid-Limburgse MobiliteitsArena mobility event offers inspiration

Business owners and policymakers deal with mobility on a daily basis. They have to think about matters such as sustainability, the advantages and d...

9 September 2019
Short-stay bicycle parking spaces to replace fixed bicycle racks in Helmstraat

In the week of Monday 9 September, the fixed bicycle racks in front of Albert Heijn will be replaced with short-stay bicycle parking spaces. We wil...

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