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9 September 2020

Ensuring sustainable use of vehicle fleets

Bakkerij Paulissen and Houben Duurzame Renovatie are now affiliated logistics partners of Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar (ZLB). Together, we are working to achieve sustainable solutions to optimize their logistical processes. Part of this is ensuring that they reduce the number of kilometres driven as well as ensuring that the kilometres driven are as clean as possible. On Thursday 13 August, both companies had the vehicles at their respective premises checked. Where necessary, the Band op Spanning (Right Tyre Pressure) team brought the tyres up to the right tyre pressure.


However, the efforts were not limited to checking the tyre pressure of the cars owned by the employees. The respective company vehicles of each business were also checked. A total of 35 vehicles were shown to have underinflated tyres. The tyre pressure campaign resulted in a reduction of CO2 emissions by almost 600 kg. To put this in context, this amount is the same as having a five-minute shower every day for three years. (Source [only available in Dutch]: www.fluxenergie.nl/milieucentraal-bespaar-energie-douche-korter)

Tyres at the right pressure ensure safer and more efficient driving

Eline Rademaker, project support at Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, says ‘We can now conclude that regularly checking your tyre pressure is definitely worthwhile. Ultimately, it results in benefits, both for the environment and for the bottom line of the company thanks to reduced costs. In addition to this effect, we have seen that people are increasing aware that we can influence one another by doing small things or forgetting to do them. It is great to see that these companies and their employees took the step to drive in a safer, cleaner, and cost effective way.’

Do you want to join in and make your logistics more sustainable?

Then contact our Logistics project leader, Mark Luikens, who would be happy to help. Please contact Mark by sending an e-mail to mark.luikens@zuid-limburg-bereikbaar.nl.

Will you join us?

You can also have the Band op Spanning team check your tyre pressure for free at one of the campaigns near you. To see the dates, check https://www.maakdebeweging.nl/en/ or go to the smart tyre pump at P+R Maastricht Noord to check your tyre pressure.

Mark your calendar!

Schedule a regular tyre check in your calendar to make sure you're always driving safely and with the right tyre pressure. That way, you'll save on fuel costs and reduce your CO2 emissions. By doing this, you can do your part in increasing sustainability and safety.



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