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5 November 2019

Platforms provide more efficient and 'greener' logistics

On 26 November, Mark Luikens, logistics project leader at Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, organized a meeting on logistics platforms together with the European Logistics Center Limburg association (ELC Limburg).

Nanne Schriek spoke on behalf of Evofenedex business association on the usefulness and necessity of platforms within their sector. Evofenedex also discussed the legal and social aspects of an existing collaboration with shippers in the transport sector. Sam Houwen from Quicargo and Bart Takkenkamp from Wuunder both explained their respective platforms. The panel discussion showed that platforms can certainly add value, although there is some criticism of them. Logistics concept appear to be on the cusp of change. However, it is difficult to predict when this change will take place.

Driving fewer ‘unloaded’ kilometres and optimizing the use of cargo space

The common goals of the numerous platforms are to reduce the number of ‘unloaded’ kilometres and to increase the degree of cargo space used for each delivery. These goals result in positive effects for organizations as well as a positive impact on the environment. Fewer journeys means less congestion on roads and reduced emissions. ‘It is important for transport companies and shippers to know of the benefits that these platforms can offer as well as factors that must be taken into account, such as liability,’ explains Mark Luikens.

The ultimate logistics platform

‘We use platforms, such as Booking.com, Marketplace, or Airbnb, more often in everyday life,’ says Mark. ‘The advantages offered by platforms such as Uturn, Quicargo, and Wuunder can also be used in the logistics sector. The ultimate logistics platform that I envision works with one joint scheduling system for the entire logistics sector (or parts of it) in which sharing data is the most normal thing in the world. All that would be in pursuit of ensuring the minimum number of ‘unloaded’ kilometres being driven while also ensuring maximum efficiency. We can dream, right?’

More information

The www.logistiek-bereikbaar.nl website sets out all the information on sustainable and efficient logistics. Read through it or send an e-mail to logistics project leader Mark Luikens at mark.luikens@zuid-limburg-bereikbaar.nl for free advice on sustainable and efficient logistics, whether on the topic of logistics platforms or otherwise. 


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