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9 September 2019

Short-stay bicycle parking spaces to replace fixed bicycle racks in Helmstraat

In the week of Monday 9 September, the fixed bicycle racks in front of Albert Heijn will be replaced with short-stay bicycle parking spaces. Bicycles and mopeds can be parked in these spaces for up to one hour. We will explain the rules of the short-stay bicycle parking spaces as well as where you can park your moped or bike for longer periods of time.

Why are there short-stay bicycle parking spaces?

The bicycle parking spaces for short periods of time are a trial being run by the Municipality of Maastricht in collaboration with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar. The parking spaces will replace the fixed bicycle racks and are for the purpose of parking your bicycle or moped for short periods of time. If you would like to park your moped or bicycle for longer periods of time, then bicycle coaches will inform you of the available facilities in the area.

The aim of the test is to reduce the inconvenience caused by bicycles that are parked in the bicycle racks or blocking the pavement for too long. The trial has been scheduled to last six months and will be evaluated afterwards. Afterwards, those involved will decide on whether the trial will be continued for the longer term. 

Rules for the short-stay bicycle parking spaces 

The short-stay bicycle parking spaces are marked areas where you can park your bicycle or moped. Signs will also be placed to indicate the short-stay bicycle parking spaces. 
You can park your bicycle or moped for up to one hour in these parking spaces. You must park your bicycle or moped as neatly as possible to ensure that there is enough space for others to park. Make sure you have a sturdy lock to secure your bicycle or moped, because you will not be able to lock it to a parking rack. 
At a number of different times during the week, bicycle coaches will be present to instruct you on the use of the bicycle parking spaces and to suggest alternate parking spaces. 

Where can I park my bicycle or moped for longer periods of time?

In the city centre there are three sheltered bicycle parking facilities: at Vrijthof square and the guarded bicycle parking facilities at Markt and Kesselskade. There are also several bicycle racks, including Keizer Karelplein/Vrijthof, Grote Gracht/Markt, and Gubbelstraat.

A number of facilities where mopeds can be parked are located nearby, such as at Keizer Karelplein/Vrijthof, Grote Gracht/Markt, het Bat, and Wilheminabrug. 

What happens to incorrectly parked bicycles and mopeds?

Starting on 1 October, bicycles and mopeds that have been parked for too long or incorrectly will have a blue label attached to them. If the bicycle is still there one hour after the blue label has fitted, then the members of the Civil Enforcement Team (Team Handhaven) will remove that bicycle and take it to the bicycle depot at Sint Gerardusweg 39. You can collect your bicycle from the depot on Mondays between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM and on Thursdays between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM. 

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