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14 August 2020

South Limburg Security Region's ‘Goed dat je de regels volgt!’ campaign

We haven't beaten coronavirus yet. This means that we must still follow coronavirus measures. For this reason, the South Limburg Security Region (Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Limburg) – with the support of Visit Zuid-Limburg – has launched a campaign to further emphasize the importance of the coronavirus measures among local residents and international tourists visiting our region. If everyone adheres to the measures, we will all enjoy the benefits. This is why we have chosen the following message: ‘Goed dat je de regels volgt!’ ‘Thank you for following the rules!’.

Limburg celebrities

André Rieu, Anya Niewierra, and Jan Smeets are helping with the campaign. This is their way of emphasizing the importance of the measures in a positive way among every age group. Even though the circumstances on the streets seem to have returned to normal, the measures are in place for a reason. Vulnerable groups of people have to avoid going into the city because the general public is less likely to maintain a safe distance. And nobody wants previous measures to be reinstated and to have to stay at home as much as possible.

Prize draw open to all

The Security Region is calling on everyone to support the campaign on Facebook or Instagram. The five posts with the most likes will receive a Visitor Center (VVV) dinner cheque or gift voucher worth €50. You can participate by including one of the following the hashtags in your post: #goeddatjederegelsvolgt #thankyouforfollowingtherules The campaign will end in late September.

Billboard reclame Andre Rieu corona maatregelen
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