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26 August 2019

Trial of bicycle parking spaces as an alternative for parking bicycles for short periods of time

On 19 August, the Municipality of Maastricht started a trial for parking bicycles for short periods of time on Helmstraat. The fixed bicycle racks will be removed on 9 September and replaced with parking spaces where bicycles can be parked for up to an hour. This will ensure that more space is available for cyclists and moped users who want to park their bicycles or mopeds for a short period of time.

Often, there is no space in the bicycle racks on Helmstraat because of bicycles that have been parked there for a while. This makes it difficult for people to park their bicycles when they want to quickly do some shopping at Albert Heijn. Cyclists park their bicycles on the pavement, leading to cluttered walkways. This makes it difficult to walk on the pavement, sometimes resulting in dangerous situations. Following discussions with business owners and Helmstraat residents, the decision was made to run a six-month trial for parking bicycles for short periods of time. Afterwards, those involved will decide on a follow-up to the trial.

When will the trial start?

On Monday 9 September, the fixed bicycle racks in front of Albert Heijn will be removed, and the bicycle parking spaces for short periods of time will be put in their place. Bicycles and mopeds can be parked in these spaces for up to one hour.

Parking your bicycle or moped for longer

If you want to park your bicycle for more than an hour, we recommend you park at the sheltered bicycle parking facility at Vrijthof square; the guarded, sheltered bicycle parking facilities at Markt square and Kesselskade, or the bicycle racks close to Vrijthof square. If you want to park your moped for more than an hour, you park at the unguarded, unsheltered parking facilities at the following locations: Keizerkarelplein square, the corner of Grote Gracht/Boschstraat, Wilhelminabrug bridge, Vissersmaas, and Het Bat. In the city centre of Maastricht, it is forbidden to park mopeds and bicycles outside the designated parking spaces. If your moped or bike is parked either outside the designated spaces or within the designated spaces on Helmstraat for longer than one hour, then the municipality may place a label on them or remove them.

How are cyclists being informed of this?

Since mid August, Maastricht Bereikbaar teams have been handing out flyers that inform cyclists of where they can park close to Helmstraat and of the future bicycle parking spaces. As of 9 September, bicycles that are still in the bicycle racks will be removed taken to the Municipality's bicycle depot by the Enforcement Team of the Municipality of Maastricht. Maastricht Bereikbaar's bicycle coaches will explain the rules on the spot.

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