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27 August 2019

Zuid-Limburgse MobiliteitsArena: seeing and experiencing mobility

On Friday 20 September, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is organizing the Zuid-Limburgse MobiliteitsArena (South Limburg Mobility Arena) at the Shimano Experience Center in Valkenburg. At this event, guests can see and experience innovative solutions for smart and sustainable mobility. If you received an invitation to our South Limburg Mobility Arena event, then register now!

The purpose of the South Limburg Mobility Arena

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar wants to showcase current and future innovative solutions for sustainable mobility at the South Limburg Mobility Arena. We have invited affiliated employers, municipalities, and mobility providers to attend our special mobility event, so that we can work together to improve accessibility and employee health and well-being while also reducing CO2 emissions in South Limburg. We will also be presenting smart and efficient logistics solutions and look forward to an afternoon of seeing, experiencing, and doing!

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