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What we do

in the field of smart mobility

Mobiliy solutions

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar helps employers, business owners, and governments in the region to find mobility solutions. We offer employers a range of measures that contribute to sustainable business practices and good employment practices – two things many organizations aim for. We provide a plan of action and help to implement it.
Only for employees of affiliated partners
Data Over Overstappers
Tailor-made mobility solutions

Identifying the current commuting behaviour of and potentially profitable mobility solutions for your employees.

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Encouraging the use of bicycles

Want to encourage your employees to cycle more? You can use a number of schemes and opportunities to do this.

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Arriva Trein Zuid Limburg
Discover public transport

Free, two-month trial for employees of partners (the campaign now includes a folding bike or P+R).

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Mindful driving

If you would like to contribute to the climate goals, then you can drive in a more sustainable way. Companies can now also take advantage of our measures.

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Elektrisch Rijden Nieuwe Laadpaal
Towards an electric fleet?

Help to improve the climate and air quality as well as reduce noise pollution by converting your company fleet to electric cars.

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Binnenstadservice Maastricht
Smart logistic products

An optimized fleet, deliveries in the city centre, and other smart logistics

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Viago Arriva
Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Would you like to select, plan, book, and pay for your entire journey via a single app, even if you plan to cross borders? Well, from 2020 you can – with Arriva’s Via-GO app.

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Talking Traffic
Talking Traffic

Talking Traffic and smart traffic control equipment are part of the digitalization task we are working on that extends to South Limburg.

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Luchtfoto Maastricht Infraprojecten
Infrastructure projects

What we did and still do to create infrastructure that keeps South Limburg accessible.

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Openbaar Vervoer Trein
Traveller’s panel

Do you enjoy sharing your opinion about mobility? In return you could win great prices.

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