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Using an e-bike for the first time

Are your employees happily cycling to work? E-biking is healthy, cheap, fast, and fun! ‘Discover the e-bike’ (‘Ontdek de e-bike’) enables your employees to find out whether cycling to work could be an option for them A trial week free of charge is often the prelude to structural changes to travel habits.

How does it work?

If you are interested in offering your employees the opportunity to experience the advantages of an e-bike, speed pedelec, or electric cargo bike, then contact our mobility brokers to agree a period during which our e-bikes will be available at your employees' place of work. We will supply promotional materials so you can promote the campaign through your own channels. Additionally, we will make agreements regarding the collection and return of the e-bikes. Distribution will be conducted by a contact person in your company. We will ensure that this person can help the people who come to collect a bicycle.

Are your employees unable to make use of the trial period or are all e-bikes for the work location in use? Employees can still make use of a number of opportunities to test an e-bike, such as via our Cycle Center in Valkenburg, a local bicycle dealer, or a number of locations in South Limburg. Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar will visit a number of locations in South Limburg, and if we visit one nearby your company, we will inform you so that you can share this information with your employees.
Visit maakdebeweging.nl for more information on the different options.

Tip: Explain how your employees can purchase a bike at a good price

Trying an electric bicycle may convince your employees that they want to purchase a bicycle. They can do this at a good price with options such as a loan, a company bicycle, or using a kilometre allowance. Inform your employees of the options you offer. Read more about the bicycle schemes.

More bicycles

Alternatives to fuel cars are not limited to bicycles and public transport. For example, an employee can borrow a folding bicycle while participating in Discover the e-bike. Or they could complete the last few kilometres of their commute with a shared bicycle.

Shared bikes are also a quick, cheap, and eco-friendly way to travel to your destination from one of the low-cost parking locations on the outskirts of the city. Try out the NS OV-fiets or Arriva's shared bikes.

Discover the e-cargo bike

An e-cargo bike (in Dutch) makes for a great alternative to vans in busy city centres for making deliveries or transporting items between locations. The bicycle is easy to use and is a quicker way to get from A to B if there's lots of traffic. You can also park it free of charge! If you are interested in testing whether the e-cargo bike could benefit your company, then contact project leader for Area-based approach & City centre: Jelle Ummels.

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Have a look at our fact sheet, which tells you everything you need to know as an employer. 
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