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A better infrastructure:

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Infrastructure projects keep South Limburg accessible

Improving the infrastructure in and around Maastricht required the tunnelling of the A2 motorway and the rerouting of the Noorderbrug bridge. These were large and complex projects that had an enormous impact on the accessibility of Maastricht and led to the founding of Maastricht Bereikbaar in 2010. 

Successful partnerships

Although most of the new infrastructure in and around Maastricht has been completed, we remain very motivated to keep working on ensuring that South Limburg remains accessible.

Together with many other parties, we’re making sure the city and region remain accessible. And ambitions are growing: our partners are also striving to encourage sustainable travel behaviour and increase economic vitality, to contribute to better personal health, and to be more respectful of the environment. As the scale on which Maastricht Bereikbaar operates has grown, our name has evolved accordingly: we're now called ‘Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar’. 

Bicycle projects

Various cycling infrastructure projects are in the pipeline. One example is the Maastricht-Sittard fast cycling route, as part of which the Province of Limburg, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, and the municipalities of Maastricht, Meerssen, Beek, and Sittard-Geleen are encouraging commuters to drive less and cycle more. The fast cycling route will be a big boost to the region's cycling infrastructure, giving commuters an excellent alternative to travelling by car. Fewer intersecting flows at ground level and more consideration for differences in speed on the bicycle path will also have a positive influence on traffic safety. 


Smart parking, parking facilities, route information systems, and apps for public transport are also examples of improved infrastructure. Our project leaders are happy to tell you more.

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