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From a motorway through the city

to attractive areas for living, walking, and cycling

Turning the A2 into an underground tunnel

The A2 motorway ran straight through Maastricht for many years, resulting in traffic jams and delays. To solve this traffic problem, the construction of the Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel was started in 2011. This twin-layer tunnel runs underneath the Maastricht-Oost district. In order to keep the city accessible during the construction activities, Maastricht Bereikbaar worked together with many other parties to promote a change in travel behaviour among commuters, visitors, students, and freight traffic. The Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel was opened at the end of 2016.

Green carpet

As traffic on the A2 motorway now passes through the underground Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel, a new part of city is being created above ground between the Geusselt junction and the Europaplein junction: the 'Groene Loper' (Green Carpet). This plan is making Maastricht-Oost – the eastern part of the city – safer and more liveable.

More space for cyclists

Developments on the above-ground area will be ongoing until 2026 and will include new residential units, rerouting roads, and lots of greenery. Neighbourhoods will be easier to reach by bike, and the Groene Loper will create an attractive cycling link between the city and the green suburbs and countryside. An important part of this route is the Wielerbaan, a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the A2. 

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