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The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is planning a national campaign on undisturbed driving called MONO. In addition to the public campaign, they are also focusing on employers. After all, as a company you not only bear responsibility for a safe working environment, but you also take care of your employees who are on the road.

Driving safely

Many people have to travel for their work, yet 37% of employers do not have a road-safety policy for employees. It’s almost natural to quickly check your e-mail while you're on the bicycle or to video call while driving. But in those moments you’re no longer concentrating on the traffic, which increases the risk of an accident.

Video calling in the car? 

The coronavirus has ensured that video calling has become the new norm and we no longer work from nine to five as standard. But this has also increased the likeliness of video conferences taking place while people are driving. That is why it is important to be even more vigilant for distractions while driving and, for employers, to respond to this new trend now.

Sign the MONO agreement

If you want to make MONO an inherent part of your company, then sign the Ministry's MONO covenant. By doing so, you demonstrate your company's commitment to driving MONO by taking at least one concrete action within your organization. In a flyer, the Ministry provides fourteen tips on how you can incorporate MONO into your business operations quickly, easily, and effectively. 

Communicating with your employees 

The Ministry has drawn up a toolkit with posters, a flyer, and e-mail elements. In addition, ready-made designs are available for key rings, floor stickers, and flags. The campaign is scheduled to start on 4 October but, because of the measures surrounding COVID-19, this planning is subject to change. Read more about the MONO campaign.

Meaning of MONO

MONO literally stands for ‘one’ or ‘alone’. In this campaign it stands for one thing: when you drive, you keep your attention on one thing only and that is traffic. MONO is about uninterrupted driving without distraction from apps or social media posts. It's about keeping your eyes on the road and not on your screen. Travel without distraction. Drive MONO, cycle MONO.

Mono Poster Rijksoverheid 01
Create your own MONO poster

With your own personalized MONO poster, you can express in a simple but visible way that your company or organization drives MONO. It can also help convince others to drive MONO!

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