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The right tyre pressure

drive more safely, more efficiently and more quietly

Eco-friendly driving 

In its new programme for 2019, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar has also been focusing on promoting eco-friendlier driving. Making sure you have the correct tyre pressure is part of this. Having your tyres at the pressure means you can drive

  • more safely
  • using less fuel
  • more quietly
  • while causing less damage to the environment.

Whether you install a smart tyre pump for your employees or invite the ‘Band op Spanning’ team to do regular checks, the choice is yours!

Laurens Drogendijk on environmentally friendly driving
Don't just talk about it, do it
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Factsheet Band op Spanning
Bernice Reijnders
Mobility broker

‘Band op Spanning’ campaign 

As part of a ‘Band op Spanning’ (right tyre pressure) campaign, a team will visit you at your premises. Your employees can indicate whether they want to join the campaign by placing the campaign flyer they receive on their car's dashboard. The team will inflate vehicles’ tyres to the right pressure during working hours. 

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A smart tyre pump 

If your company chooses to install an on-site smart tyre pump, your employees can check their own tyres every two months. A simple system selects the right pressure based on the vehicle's registration plate. The touch screen – complete with easy step-by-step instructions – makes sure you select the right tyre pressure. The pump is so smart, it can even monitor your total CO2savings.

Slimme Bandenpomp

More information? 

See autobewust.nl for more information about measures to make the use of the car more sustainable. Or contact the project manager about this project.

Marc Houben
Project leader Sustainable Driving Measures
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