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Mobility scan

How do your employees commute? And what alternatives are reasonably available? Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar offers its partners a free mobility scan. This analysis helps us to establish people's current travel behaviours and show the number of employees who could truly benefit from alternatives to commuting by car. 

Rolling out new mobility scans

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar has developed a new mobility scan. The analyses are commencing at a number of employers in the first group. The aim of the mobility scan is to identify how employees currently travel to work and where there are opportunities to travel to work in a smarter and more sustainable way. 

Such new scans will be carried out for all new employers as well as for employers whose scan was carried out more than four years ago.

The new scan goes beyond evaluating travel by bicycle, e-bike, or public transport. We now also include both chain transport, including combinations of travelling by bicycle and public transport, and the high-speed e-bikes. You can also request a custom scan. An example of a custom scan could be a single analysis for all locations combined with a specific analysis per location. Additionally, we can compare a number of scenarios. 

Finally, the new mobility scan includes the option to compare the employment conditions with benchmarks of the other employers and what certain choices can yield for the employer in terms of reducing the need for parking spaces, improving the vitality of employees and a possible CO2 reduction.

Rob Schaap
Mobility broker
Bernice Reijnders
Mobility broker
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