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Towards an electrically- charged policy in 14 steps

Towards an electrically-charged policy in 14 steps

Transitioning to an electric fleet not only affects your company, but is also means change for your employees. To encourage your employees to make the switch to electric driving, you can include the following incentives in your car scheme (targeted towards your own fleet) and employment conditions (for employees with their own car).

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Part 1: Incentives that can be included in the car scheme

Employers who offer employees a company car can either buy or lease it. Regardless of which option the employer chooses, a car scheme lays down the provisions for the allocation and use of company cars for employees. The following measures can be included in the car scheme in order to promote electric driving. 

1. Include electric cars in the car scheme

2. Drop the brand choice for electric cars

3. A favourable leasing budget for electric cars

4. A trade-in scheme for petrol or diesel cars

5. 'Undershoot-regeling' (Undershoot scheme) for EVs

6. Own charging point at home – reimbursed and the installation taken care of

7. Reimbursement for charging costs

8. No personal contribution for personal use 

Part 2: Incentives that can be included in the employment conditions

In addition to incentives to encourage electric driving among employees with a (leased) company car, you can also include the following measures in your employment conditions, which also apply to employees with their own car.

9. Holiday car scheme

10. Special parking space for EVs

11. Charging facilities at all locations

12. Organize a trial day/week

13. Organize challenges

14. Communicate

Eline Rademaker
Project support for Sustainable Driving Measures
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