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The first step towards a successful transition

Een succevolle overstap naar een elektrisch wagenpark

A successful transition towards an electric fleet

We are more than happy to help your company make the transition to an electric fleet. We have various tools available to analyse your current situation and to decide which charging infrastructure you need.

1. Do the EV Scan to learn about alternative options and find out which charging infrastructure you need.

Firstly, you need to have a clear picture of the size and characteristics of your current fleet.
 This information is used to decide which electric cars and which charging infrastructure you need.
 E-Pact's independent EV & Charging Station Scan gives you insight into how your fleet can be converted from fossil to electric. A comparison is made with available electric models based on an analysis of your current fleet, and includes savings in euros and CO2, required charging infrastructure for your employees and visitors, investments, and the possibilities for Smart Charging.

Then request quotations from various car dealers, leasing companies, and charging point suppliers in good time and draw up a transition plan (details, costs, and timetable). This will help you to make the transition towards a partial or fully electric vehicle fleet as efficient as possible.

2. Adjust your lease policy and employment conditions

Introducing new mobility schemes can accelerate the switch to electric driving.
 On the 'De stekker in je arbeidsvoorwaarden en autoregeling' (Initiatives for your employment conditions and car scheme) web page, you will find some examples of how to stimulate electric driving that you can include in your terms of employment.

3. Convince your employees

To achieve your goals, you will need to generate support within your organization.
 Make sure you communicate changes to those affected (e.g., your employees, the HR manager, the facilities manager, and the board) in good time and involve them in the process.
 Appointing an internal ambassador for electric driving at board level can help speed things along.

4. Promote electric driving among your employees

Here are a few initiatives that you could try to promote electric driving among your employees:

  1. Invite your employees to share their ideas about the plan, the type of electric cars, etc. Also make sure that issues such as summer holidays in a caravan and longer distances are also addressed. Discuss these kinds of hurdles beforehand with your leasing company or fleet owner.
  2. Look for employees who intend to make the switch soon and help them with the process.
     Then use them as ambassadors for electric driving.
  3. Introduce your employees to electric driving and organize trial days. If you’re a partner of Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, you can take part in the 2020 ‘Discover the e-car’ campaign and give your employees the opportunity to test drive a modern e-car for a whole week.
  4. Add electric cars to your car pool.
  5. There are also various platforms for business car-sharing schemes. Check them out here.
  6. Organize an information session about electric driving.


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