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Tackling disruptions

Tackling disruptions

Zuid Limburg Bereikbaar works to reduce disruptions caused by road works and peak visitor days together with managers of infrastructure, contractors, and other stakeholders. This approach is relevant to South Limburg because of the influence of significant construction works in the south of the Netherlands (including Brabant) on accessibility in South Limburg. As an example, bringing forward the widening the A2 motorway between Het Vonderen junction and Kerensheide is a major point of attention for the region. 

Additionally, we provide information on specific examples of road works and works on railways as well as how they influence one another in close collaboration with the Province of Limburg. We identify potential negative impacts in advance, meaning that we can act in time to inform you. When considering the regional scale, we focus on accessibility during peak days. 

In this way, disruptions and peak days are used as a way to encourage structural or incidental behavioural change among travellers.


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